Sids Book

Sids Book

Sid Burnard’s book, i.e. Sids Book, was the second book printed for this Artist. The last one was a 2000 off 270mm x230mm 48pp Booklet with an 8pp laminated cover in 2012

This time it was 305mm x 220mm 224pp Booklet, again with an 8pp soft touch laminated Cover

We produced 500 book blocks on Munken Smooth and 400 were as above and a further 105 specials which included a pocket on inside front cover to hold limited edition prints and a DVD inserted on inside back cover, signed by the Artist Sid Burnard.

Artist Sid Burnard welcomes us into his weird and wonderful world of beachcombing. Through his eyes we see how an old fragment of driftwood transforms into an elegant neck of a bird, or how a washed up lavatory seat takes on a new life as a boat: ‘The Loo-seat-ania’. It is a warm and humorous insight into a creative mind with an astonishing gift of seeing what others do not.

You can view Sid’s work in the video below: